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Christmas Greetings 2016 BCF

Dear friends,

I received an email, December 19, 2016, from a good friend, John Jackson (medical doctor), who I got to know in my 5 years at UCLA, from 1970 to 1975 
(  While in the university dormitories, I participated in bible studies and fellowship with other Christians in “Bruin Christian Fellowship” (BCF), of whom only me and maybe one or two others were Catholic. The following is a reply to this Christmas greeting which I sent to John and more than 40 others in BCF more than 40 years ago.

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Dear BCFers

How are you? I hope all is fine with you.
All is fine with me. They say here in Italy: “The saints tells us: those who pray will be saved; those who do not pray, will be damned” (I santi dicono, chi prega si salva; chi non prega si danna!). But when they say pray, they mean pray much and sincerely, which means “Thy will be done”, and not “My will be done”!
Just as Christ was crucified and buried 2000 years ago, so too His Body, the Church, will be crucified and buried in this period of the “great tribulation” (Mt 24:21). Only after this, when it seems that the Church is totally dead and buried, when Satan and his very numerous followers seem to have total victory, then the “Woman clothed with the sun” (Rev 12:1) will crush the head of the “great red dragon” (Rev 12:3), the ancient serpent (Gen 3:15), and there will be the Resurrection of Jesus with His Body, the purified Church!
As long as one is alive, there is still the possibility to ask sincerely for the mercy of God. Several seers tell us that there will be a Great Warning. God will give to men warnings and prodigious signs to shake them from their spiritual torpor; the “illumination of the consciences”. This will be the last chance for many who do not live “Thy will be done”, before facing eternity.
I did not establish the reality after death, because I am not God. If I decide that hell does not exist, and then believe it does not exist because I say so, then I am a big idiot!
The more I submit to God, and thus suffer and change my life accordingly, the more I discover that His laws are the best for me, out of His love for me.
You might find interesting an article that I recently published:

Signs of God vs. Signs of Satan

In this article, if you have not already discovered, there is described, among other things, what the three kings saw over 2000 years ago that motivated them to make a 1000 kilometer journey to Bethlehem. Also, after years of following the signs, I am convinced that in the next 10 months we will see all that we have not seen yet of Matthew 24 and Rev. 13, etc.

I think a fundamental indication that a person wants to be with God now and forever is that this person seeks the truth outside of his own head, like the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem, and then is willing to change his life according the truth, with the help of God through much sincere prayer. The three kings were seeking the Truth; almost no one in Jerusalem 2000 years ago were alert to the signs of God that the Savior of world was about to be born. The same for today. Very few are looking for the return of the true Messiah, not a Messiah as we want (similar to many Jews who wanted a Messiah who would free them from the Romans), and thus the great majority of Christians will be led astray by the very astute deceptions of “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44), and thus will follow the false messiah (s) and will not recognize the second coming of the true Messiah after the false messiah, the Antichrist, will perform his show! But to seek the Messiah means to seek the uncomfortable truth and to have the courage to dialogue with those who are not in agreement with how we want or perceive the truth and the strength from God to go against the tide, against being “politically correct”, to be ready to change our lives according to the truth and to suffer with Jesus.

Forgive me if I say this, by I do not understand how a sincere Christian cannot believe in the real substantial presence of Jesus in the Eucharist after reading chapter six of the Gospel of John! But I am not surprised because today even the great majority of Catholics, including priests and bishops, have lost their faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Just as with any human relationship, if a husband and wife do not spend time together in true sacrificial love, the relationship will end. So too with our relationship with Jesus. We may think we have a relationship with Jesus, but if we do not do as Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (Jn 14:15, 23), then our relationship with Jesus is not authentic or real. We must continue to seek the star of truth even to our dying breath, because our mortal enemy, Satan, does not sleep and is much more intelligent than we are. Most Christians down deep in their heart do not want to discover the will of God for fear of having to suffer and change their lives; thus they embrace the easier philosophy of life: “Ignorance is bliss” or they seek groups in agreement with them. But it won’t be so blissful after death because they will continue to not want to be with the Truth, who is Jesus (Jn 14:6) and will willingly throw themselves into the place where there is not the Truth, where there is not God.

There are thousands of independent protestant groups who believe in the same God, the same Jesus Christ, and more or less with the same Bible, but interpret a great number of Scripture passages in contradictory ways. Did Jesus not know this would happen; what was the solution that he left us for this problem especially since if one does not follow the truth from God there is a great danger of not making it to heaven. Only the truth of God “will set us free” (Jn 8:32)!

If a Christian who has been given the faith that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, and does not spend time with Him every day in the Eucharist, the true relationship with Jesus will diminish and end even though we say we are Christians. This is what has happened to the great majority of Catholics and even most priests today. I said to many priests in my diocese to do as I have done for the last 16 years, to spend at least an hour every day before the Blessed Sacrament in church. They all said to me that they do not have time. I replied to them that if I do not spend this holy hour every day with Jesus, I end up giving to others a poor priest, Father Joe, instead of giving them Jesus. They agreed but they continue in their activism, believing that they are the Savior of their parish! The truth of the Eucharist does not change even if “many of his disciples drew back and no longer went about with him” (Jn 6:66); Jesus never compromised with the Truth even if it meant loosing his apostles (Jn 6:67). I find it very interesting that in the whole Bible, there is only one verse with the number 666; it is this verse when the disciples did not believe in the Eucharist, in the words of Jesus, but in the way they wanted to believe according to their own interpretation, their own subjectivism, their own relativism, John 6:66!

The more one loves, the more one suffers when the one loved does not reciprocate this love. Jesus loves each one of us more than we can possibly imagine.

I wrote to my Catholic friends:
Best wishes for a Holy Christmas with Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Give great joy to Baby Jesus for His birthday (not ours!) by spending time with your family before Him in the Tabernacle with the Holy Rosary! Buon Natale!


Rev. Joe

This painting can be found in the Chapel of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Roma, Italy – the Angelicum

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Signs God vs Satan

Signs of God vs. Signs of Satan

Those who have struggled to persevere in sincere prayer and to keep their eyes open in a world and in a Church more full of confusion than ever before, they perceive and understand more and more the signs of our times as well as the very powerful deceptions of our mortal enemy, “the father of lies”, Satan (Jn 8:44). In this article we will look at some simple, rather hidden, but very significant SIGNS OF GOD for those with their eyes open who are looking for the coming of the Lord, as well as the HIGHLY PLANNED DECEPTIONS of the puppets of Satan. Those who sincerely pray, and live their prayer, WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Jesus came into the world 2000 years ago in great humility and poverty at Bethlehem and died naked on a cross to draw all those willing to follow Him in poverty and suffering. Satan offers everyone false easy empty promises and offers all the spectacles of Hollywood and fireworks and empty glamour with the help of the most advanced technology ever known to man. Each of us is totally free to choose and follow the poverty and suffering of the Savior of the world, or the false artificial glory of “the father of lies”!

Whether we believe it or not, whether we want it or not, we each have an immortal soul. If we follow the uncomfortable Truth, who is Christ crucified, we will spend eternity with the King of kings. Instead if we take the easy way of the beautiful lies, highly promoted by the mass media, when we die, we will not want to be with the Truth in heaven, who is Jesus (Jn 14:6), but we will willing throw ourselves into the eternal place where there is no Truth, where there is not God, but rather where there is “the father of lies” who we have willing chosen to follow in this short life on earth. In heaven there is room for one God, not two. Those in hell all followed “the father of lies” who invented the truth according to his head and even believed he was God. The name Michael means “Who is like unto God?” Saint Michael the Archangel says to us today and all human beings, as he said to Lucifer at the beginning of creation (Rev 12), “Who is like unto God?” The choice is ours for all eternity! “The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God” (CCC 1035).

As I wrote in a recent article, “Russia Will Punish the World - 3rd Secret of Fatima Revealed (, one of the first tactics to destroy and take control of a country is to promote pornography. Because when a boy or a man looks at pornography, without repenting and changing his habits, HE NO LONGER SEES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a virtuous woman and a woman of the world. This is exactly what happened before the great deluge in Noah’s time: “The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose… When the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them… The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually… And God said to Noah… (Gen 6:2-13). In the time of Noah the whole society was destroyed and God offered an Ark to save the family of Noah. Today the societies of the world have been morally destroyed, beginning with pornography, but the Ark this time, for those of good will and with true humility, is the Immaculate Heart of Mary (, the “woman clothed with the sun” (Rev 12:1), who will do battle with the “dragon” (Rev 12:3-4), and will ultimately crush the head of this ancient serpent (Gen 3:15) in preparation for the second coming of her Son, just as she was chosen by God to prepare for the first coming of her Son, the second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity incarnate in the womb of Mary (

How does Christ refer to those who do not want to open their eyes to THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, to those who have embraced the philosophy of life of “ignorance is bliss”? “YOU HYPOCRITES! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky; but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” (Lk 12:56; Mt 16:3; 24:51)!

I do not think it was by chance that when Pope John Paul II was asked toward the end of his life to offer one verse from the entire Bible for the people of God, he responded without hesitation: “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” (Jn 8:32; Jer 6:16)! Father, “Sanctify them in the truth” (Jn 17:17)! The Truth, tied to the cross of Jesus here on earth, is uncomfortable! The eternal Truth in heaven is glorious!

Benedict XVI, March 7, 2014:
The courage of the truth is, in my eyes, a criterion of the first order of sainthood.”

For those who are sincerely and humbly praying and who are struggling to seek the truth of God and to keep their eyes open for the signs of God, in a world, and even in the Catholic Church today, more full of confusion than ever before, they will be guided by the Holy Spirit to distinguish between the signs of God and the signs of Satan, even when “false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Mt 24:24).

It impossible to open our eyes to the real signs of our times if we do not want to surrender to the holy laws of God so as to discover what really does us harm, sin. The great majority of people today have embraced the easy way of “Ignorance is bliss” and thus automatically slide into the philosophy of life offered by the prince of the world, Satan. Today the great majority of Catholics do not want to have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults, so as to convince themselves that they are good Catholics while living a “pick and choose smorgasbord type Catholicism" choosing from the teachings of the Church what they accept and ignoring the rest, thus making themselves little gods above God’s Divine Revelation, explained thoroughly by Christ’s Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II warns us: “We are standing before today the greatest fight that humanity has ever seen. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY HAS TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD THIS. We are TODAY before the FINAL CONFRONTATION between the Church and the anti-Church, between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel”.


When we do not pray and we do not care about sins according to the Ten Commandments explained by the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults, God respects our choice and takes away his protecting hand and “the powers of evil” go forward uninhibited!!!

Whether we like it or not, life is a “DOUR COMBAT with the powers of evil” (CCC 409)! Many people have willingly forgotten that we were not created for this earth but to be with God in heaven! God respects our choice to want to be with God or to not want to be with God here on earth and for all eternity after our death! Whether we want to or not, whether we believe it or not, we have been given an immortal soul at our conception in the womb of our mothers and we will live forever with God or not with God, depending on our choice in this very short life!!! There are only two eternal places after death: where there is God and where there is not God, but “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44).

Jesus said: "This generation will not pass away till all these things take place” (Mt 24:34; Mk 13:30; Lk 21:32). There are a great number of indications and signs from the saints, the popes and from the messages of Our Lady that we are “this generation” which Christ referred to in Matthew 24. I believe that our “generation” will witness the most underhanded, sly and devastating deceptions of Satan in the history of the world and of the Church.

The Bible makes a surprising number of references to signs in the heavens. See: Job 9:9; 38:31; Is 40:26; Ps 19:1-4; Rm 10:17-18; Lk 21:25; Deut 4:19, etc. But Satan also has the power to perform miracles. While his power is limited, he can and does perform miracles in order to deceive. John 8:44 says that Satan is a liar and the father of lies. Satan can make himself appear as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He does this to draw people away from God.

PRETERNATURAL is that which is beyond the natural but is not strictly supernatural. It is preternatural either because natural forces are used by God to produce effects beyond their native capacity, or because above human forces, angelic or demonic, are active in the world of space and time (Etym. Latin praeter, beyond + natura, nature.).

When Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh, they performed a miraculous sign to confirm their message from God (Exodus 7:8–10). The magi of Egypt were able to perform the same miracle “by their secret arts” (verse 11). God’s miracle was shown to be greater (verse 12), but the fact is that the magi were able to perform a satanic miracle in the king’s court.

During the tribulation, the Antichrist “by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders” (2 Thessalonians 2:9). These miracles are explicitly said to be empowered by Satan. Jesus warned that the end times will be characterized by the treachery of counterfeit prophets who “will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:24; see also: Mk 13:22; Rev 13:13; 16:14; 19:20).

The existence of demonic miracles is one reason why we must test all spirits: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). For many people today science has become the authoritative voice, the infallible authority, not God’s divine revelation to mankind, explained by his Catholic Church.

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Signs of God

Past Signs of God

God created the universe, which moves like a huge precise clock. The universe was above all created for the King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and secondarily for human beings. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM has fascinated many for centuries. For millennia, believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star. The Bible recounts unusual, or even impossible astronomical events at Christ's birth. For many doubters, the account of the Star is easily dismissed as myth. For many believers, it is a mystery accepted on faith. But what happens if we combine current historical scholarship, astronomical fact and an open mind?

Using Johannes Kepler's discovery of how the solar system works, improvements in our knowledge of first century history and the spread of computers, one discovers that in September, about 16 month before the birth of Christ, the wise men from the East saw something in the sky that they had NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The “King Planet”, Jupiter (through its retrograde motion), made a triple pass around the “King Star”, Regulus, like a coronation. Then after Jupiter finished its rendezvous with Regulus in June of the following year, it moved beside Venus (a planet long symbolically associated with motherhood) giving the impression of the most brilliant star the wise men had ever seen with the naked eye. The conjunction of the king planet and the motherhood planet was so close, that no man alive had ever seen anything like it and together it formed the brightest object in the sky. That particular evening, our Babylonian wise men, who were good astronomers as well as well informed of Jewish prophecy, would have seen the spectacle of their career while facing toward Judea. Surely this prompted them to start off on their long journey toward Judea following the star all the way to Jerusalem which we read about in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 2. Read more at the web site ( This all began at the Jewish New year and all within the constellation of Leo (the lion, a symbol of the tribe of Judah). So it heavily symbolized the Jewish King from the tribe of Judah, a clear indication for those familiar with the Messiah. Further, rising right behind Leo was the constellation Virgo, with the sun and the moon at her feet.

All this symbolism of a Jewish king from Judah and a Virgin was enough to get the well-versed Magi moving to Jerusalem, but you can understand why the average citizen of Jerusalem missed it.

Jupiter continued its western movement in the sky until it finally stopped. When it stopped (as seen from Jerusalem), it stopped directly south, directly over the small village of Bethlehem, on December 25 of 2 B.C.

This may be easily seen with modern star programs that can show you the night sky on any date in history from any perspective. It is the advent of such computer programs that now allows us to not only look at the past, but to look at the skies of the future.


ASTROLOGY holds that stars exert forces on men. Astrology assumes that stars are causes of earthly events. Astrology is a: "...form of divination based on the theory that the movement of the celestial bodies - the stars, the planets, the sun and the moon - influence human affairs and determine the course of events." (The New Columbia Encyclopedia (New York: Columbia University Press, 1975).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: "All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to ‘unveil’ the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone" (CCC 2116). See also: Job 31:26-28; Deut 17:2-5; 2Kings 23:4.

BOTH OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS ASSUME THAT WHAT HAPPENS UP THERE MATTERS. If we are interested in following the counsel of the Bible, we must hold a distinction in mind. The Bible assumes that there can be messages about earthly events. It may be useful to think of this as a thermometer distinction. A thermometer can TELL you if it is hot or cold, but it cannot MAKE you hot or cold. There is a big difference between a sign and an active agent. This is the difference between "astrology" and what the Bible holds forth.

Signs like the Star of Bethlehem are not divination of fates ordered by the stars, but regular astronomy and symbology with the idea that the God of the universe sometimes uses His creation to communicate with man. The bible is replete with instances that make this case. Psalm 19 states: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world…” (Psalm 19:1-4). Paul directly quotes this Psalm in Romans when making the case that the Jews had knowledge that the Messiah had come (v. 17). Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ (v. 18). But I ask: Did they [the Jews] not hear? Of course they did: “Their voice has gone out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” (Rm 10:17-18). Paul is clearly making the case that the Jews had knowledge of the Messiah because the heavens told them so. Obviously Paul is not endorsing astrology, but indicating that God can and does sometimes use the heavens to announce His plans.

ONE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL TACTICS OF SATAN IS TO CONVINCE US THAT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ACTIONS and thus we are free to do as we like without responsibility for our actions. Astrology leads in this direction since it tells us that the stars influence us more than we influence ourselves. Today this is augmented by the rampant false mercy being promoted in the Catholic Church, mercy with no obligation of true repentance or change of life as Catholics say in the “Act of Contrition”: “I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more, and to avoid the near occasion of sin” (sin according to God explained by His Church, the Magisterium of the Church, not according to the disguised egoism of relativism of each person or of the world!)!

The Vatican's chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, tells us that Satan’s greatest success is “The fact that he has managed to convince people that he does not exist.” (;,-Father-Gabriele.html).

The Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, tells us that THE LOGIC OF SATAN “is simple: if there is no heaven there is no hell; if there is no hell, then there is no sin; if there is no sin, then there is no judge, and if there is no judgment then evil is good and good is evil.”

THE ONES WHO LED THE 1968 MASSIVE REJECTION OF AUTHORITY ON UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE NOW IN POSITIONS OF POWER! “The Woodstock Generation!” Do you remember how Simon & Garfunkel mesmerized that generation telling us that we have no free will: “Like a rat in a maze the pattern before me lies” (“Patterns”), and thus we can blame everybody else for our problems: “When I think back at all the crap I learned in High School…” (“Kodachrome/Maybellene”). Contrast this hideous and immature attitude with gratitude toward God, parents and teachers! We have all received so much from our Creator who gave us all that we have freely out of love. So many ungrateful people are like tubes in which love from God and others enters at one end of the tube and then they choose to block the other end of the tube to use all they have been given for themselves rather than being an open tube which passes on the love received to others. But I have a certain sympathy for these people because almost all of them come from families poisoned by the contraceptive mentality of their parents; the so-called sexual revolution, free from all restraints or rules, like the train off the railroad tracks or the preschool children outside of the protecting walls of the playground! With the help of secular feminism, which sought to remove the father from the family, few people today had the example of a mature Godly father during the very formative years from 0 to 12 years so as to acquire the virtues of self-sacrifice for others, for the family and for the society. Christ compared the people of the generation 2000 years to those who rejected John the Baptist as well as the Son of man (Mt 11:16-19). How would Christ describe our generation today which rejects any truth that is not in accord with my own personal subjectivism and relativism?

POPE JOHN PAUL II (AMONG MANY OTHER OCCASIONS) SPOKE FIRMLY TO THE US BISHOPS AGAINST THIS "PICK AND CHOOSE SMORGASBORD TYPE CATHOLICISM" in LA in his September 1987 visit: "It is sometimes reported that a large number of Catholics today do not adhere to the teaching of the Church on a number of questions, notably sexual and conjugal morality, divorce and remarriage. Some are reported as not accepting the Church's clear position on abortion. It has also been noted that there is a tendency on the part of some Catholics to be selective in their adherence to the Church's moral teachings. It is sometimes claimed that dissent from the Magisterium is totally compatible with being a “good Catholic” and poses no obstacle to the reception of the sacraments. This is a grave error that challenges the teaching office of the bishops of the United States and elsewhere. I wish to encourage you in the love of Christ to address this situation courageously in your pastoral ministry, relying on the power of God's truth to attract assent and on the grace of the Holy Spirit which is given both to those who proclaim the message and to those to whom it is addressed." (

The only thing that totally belongs to each of us is our free will. If we let the prince of the world, Satan (Jn 12:31; 14:30), take this away from us, we will be reduced to being lower than the animals in the sexual revolution of our generation as we see on TV.

Visit “Catholic Prophecy Today” ( under the section “37. The Astounding Impact of the Ruthless Manipulation of Militant Gay Activists!” to see how the movement “Gay Rights” has been highly promoted in a very organized way to not only legitimize an objectively mortally sinful act but to manipulate in the most sophisticated ways, using powerful marketing and public relations techniques, an unsuspecting public against their will and against their “old religion”. Even the American Psychological Association in the USA for many years tried to remove from public awareness that homosexuality is a socio-pathic personality disorder by promoting the unfounded theory that there existed a “gay gene” which later they had to retract due to the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and to try to maintain a little public credibility. Peter LaBarbera, who heads “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality”, believes that this retraction of the APA is an important admission because it undermines a popular theory. "People need to understand that the 'GAY GENE' THEORY HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROPAGANDA BOONS OF THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT," he points out. "Studies show that if people think that people are born homosexual they're much less likely to resist the gay agenda."

Another example of the promotion of not taking the responsibility for objective and destructive sins is SOCIALISM. Pope John Paul II explains very well “that freedom which refused to be bound to the truth would fall into arbitrariness and end up submitting itself to the vilest of passions” (no. 4); “Socialism considers the individual person simply as an element, a molecule within the social organism, so that the good of the individual is completely subordinated to the functioning of the socio-economic mechanism. Socialism likewise maintains that the good of the individual can be realized without reference to his free choice, to the unique and exclusive responsibility which he exercises in the face of good or evil. Man is thus reduced to a series of social relationships, and the concept of the person as the autonomous subject of moral decision disappears, the very subject whose decisions build the social order.” (no. 13) (Centesimus Annus;

Very few people today sincerely ask Jesus what He would like them to do, ready to change their life and suffer with Jesus; they trust themselves, not God. Thus Jesus cannot help those who follow their own wills.

I find it rather interesting the recent strong promotion of “The Mandela Effect” which you can find all over YouTube. This seems to communicate in a strong way to people that we are not responsible for our actions because of the so-called Mandela Effect.
On one YouTube video clip I found the following explanation:
The Mandela Effect is a question of Quantum Physics and multiple dimensions where we are all experiencing things differently. THERE IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG, JUST THE PROCESS OF LEARNING WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING AND WHY. If you have an experience that differs, please post a video so we will have something to refer to if it changes.” (“Mandela Effect - You wanted proof, how's this?”;

Certainly Satan is strong and more present in our visible world due the great lack of prayer and no regard for sin according to God’s divine revelation. But if a person sincerely prays, “THY will be done”, and not “MY will be done”, and as Catholics to stay close to the Eucharist in great humility and to take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, praying the Rosary every day, and to go to confession at least once a month, Satan cannot harm you.

- - - - - - -

Future Signs of God

Given the context of all that has been described, it is when we turn our gaze to the heavens of the future that once again we are treated to heavenly signs of great symbolism.

Let us revisit the opening verses of Revelation 12.

"And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered.”

The author of Revelation clearly indicates that this vision is one of a sign in heaven or in the sky. What do we see in the sky of the near future?

On November 20, 2016, an astronomical event begins that will last nine and a half months, culminating in startling concurrence with the vision of Revelation 12. Some astronomers indicate that this astronomical event, in all its particulars, is unique in the history of man.

On November 20, 2016, Jupiter (the King planet) enters into the body (womb) of the constellation Virgo (the virgin). Jupiter, due its retrograde motion, will spend the next 9 ½ months within the womb of Virgo. This length of time corresponds with gestation period of a normal late-term baby.

After 9 ½ months, Jupiter exits out of the womb of Virgo. Upon Jupiter’s exit (birth), on September 23, 2017, we see the constellation Virgo (in the night sky) with the sun rise directly behind it in the early morning (the woman clothed with the sun). At the feet of Virgo, we find the moon. And upon her head we find a crown of twelve stars, formed by the usual nine stars of the constellation Leo with the addition of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

That is a truly remarkable, unique series of events with a startling degree of concurrence with the vision of Revelation 12.

It just so happens that these events transpire during the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of “the woman clothed in the sun,” Our Lady at Fatima in 1917. The culmination of these astronomical events occurs just 3 weeks before the 100th anniversary of the great miracle of Fatima, in which the sun “danced” (another heavenly sign), an event that was witnessed by many thousands.

In the 99 years that have followed that great event, we have seen Our Lady’s warnings come true with startling precision. People did not cease offending God and we have seen terrible wars, nations annihilated, and Russia spread her errors throughout the world and, if we are honest, even into the Church itself. And yet, we still await the fulfillment of her promises, the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, and a period of peace to be granted to the world.

Within the Fatima story itself, there are indications that a 100-year period might be significant. In August 1931, Sister Lucy was staying with a friend at Rianjo, Spain. There, Our Lord appeared to Sr. Lucy and He complained the requests of His mother had not been heeded saying, “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

And again in another text, Sr. Lucy quoted Our Lord as saying, “They did not wish to heed My request! ... Like the King of France, they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.”

Those references to the King of France are very interesting for our discussion as this is an explicit reference to the requests of the Sacred Heart given through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque on June 17, 1689 to the King of France. King Louis XIV and his successors failed to heed Our Lord’s request to publicly consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As a result, on June 17, 1789, one hundred years to the day after the request, the National Assembly of the French Revolution rose up and declared itself the government of France and stripped the king of his power. Later, the king lost his head to the revolution.

Many are familiar with the vision of Pope Leo XIII in which he allegedly heard Satan granted one hundred years to try and destroy the Church. Immediately after this vision, Pope Leo XIII composed the prayer to St. Michael pleading with the Archangel to defend us in battle and be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. Pope Leo XIII then added the Leonine prayers to the end of the mass, later suppressed during Vatican II.

As we live through these tumultuous times in the Church, in which the very foundations of faith, even the very words and commands of Our Savior are diminished and ignored, it is impossible not to recall Pope Leo’s vision.

Speaking of our current crisis, in this era of false mercy (without the need of a response of faith nor of repentance nor of a change of life), the date the astronomical event begins, November 20, 2016, is the very day that Pope Francis declared the “Year of Mercy” comes to an end. The very same day is the Feast of Christ the King. Today in the Church there are a great number of priests, bishops and cardinals who offer mercy for sins with all kinds of compromises with the Truth. Jesus offered mercy but without compromises to the Truth!

Considering this “ERA OF COMPROMISE”, in the final message of the Blessed Virgin, October 13, 1973, on the anniversary of the last apparition and of the miracle of FATIMA, at Akita, Japan, She said to Sister Agnes Sasagawa: “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the DELUGE, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms that will remain for you will be the Rosary and Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. WITH THE ROSARY, PRAY FOR THE POPE, THE BISHOPS, AND THE PRIESTS. The work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees…churches and altars sacked, THE CHURCH WILL BE FULL OF THOSE WHO ACCEPT COMPROMISE and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.” (

Regarding signs in the heavens, you can find various video clips on YouTube:
Bible Prophecy _ The Prophetic Blood Moons REVISITED!.mp4

- - - - - - -

There are various indications that the peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima will be fulfilled on the CENTENARY OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE GREAT MIRACLE OF THE SUN, October 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal, which will be October 13, 2017!

The last part of the homily of Pope Benedict XVI; Esplanade of the Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima; before 500,000 people: 13 May 2010:
WE WOULD BE MISTAKEN TO THINK THAT FATIMA’S PROPHETIC MISSION IS COMPLETE. … At a time when the human family was ready to sacrifice all that was most sacred on the altar of the petty and selfish interests of nations, races, ideologies, groups and individuals, our Blessed Mother came from heaven, offering to implant in the hearts of all those who trust in her the Love of God burning in her own heart. At that time it was only to three children, yet the example of their lives spread and multiplied, especially as a result of the travels of the Pilgrim Virgin, in countless groups throughout the world dedicated to the cause of fraternal solidarity. MAY THE SEVEN YEARS WHICH SEPARATE US FROM THE CENTENARY OF THE APPARITIONS HASTEN THE FULFILMENT OF THE PROPHECY OF THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, TO THE GLORY OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY.”
The centenary of the anniversary of the great miracle of the sun, October 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal, will be October 13, 2017! I believe that soon the Body of Christ, the Church, as a great purification, will have to go through the stage of the crucifixion as her Head, Christ, three hours on the cross, and even cry out with her Head: “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?” (Mt 27:46; Mc 15:34; Rev 13:7). This period will be the GREATEST TRIBULATION in the history of the world and of the Church (Mt 24:21-22; Jer 30:7; Dan 12:1).
Let us make a good confession and changer our lives, with much prayer and sacrifices and good will, while the door of Mercy is still open.
Jesus to Saint Faustina: “BEFORE I COME AS A JUST JUDGE, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice” (Diary, 1146).
Jesus said to Saint Faustina (of the Divine Mercy): “YOU WILL PREPARE THE WORLD FOR MY FINAL COMING” (Diary of Saint Faustina, 429).

- - -

During a vision in 1820, it was revealed to Blessed Anna Caterina Emmerick that Satan would be freed from his chains about 80 years before the year 2000; thus toward the end of the 1910’s of the twentieth century. This period of freedom for the fallen seraph would last one century, as Pope Leo XIII heard in that unusual “dialogue” on October 13, 1884. What comes to mind? Satan was liberated October 13, 1917, the day of the last apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, when there was the “miracle of the sun”, and Our Lady promised that “my Immaculate Heart will triumph”! “And a great portent appeared in heaven, A WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN” (Rev 12:1). This will correspond to the fulfillment of the “Proto-Gospel” (Gen 3:15) when the woman will crush the head of the serpent, the “great red dragon” (Rev 12:3), in a definitive final way, as St. Louis de Montfort explains in his classical book: “True Devotion to Mary” (

I believe that in a certain sense the Body of Christ will pass the stages of the life of Jesus. It is interesting that Pope Leo XIII (who by the way was the bishop of my diocese, Perugia, Italy, for 32 years!) heard that mysterious “dialogue” exactly 33 years before the “miracle of the sun” at Fatima. Jesus lived 33 years and finished His life on the cross, when Satan, in His pride, believed to have defeated Christ! I believe that we (the Church) are already in the passion of Jesus and on the cross.
Regarding this period of great crisis, Our Lady revealed to Father Stefano Gobbi:
MY ADVERSARY WILL ONE DAY THINK THAT HE IS CELEBRATING A COMPLETE VICTORY: over the world, over the Church, over souls. It will be only then that I will intervene – terrible and victorious – that his defeat may be all the greater when he is certain in his conviction that he has conquered once for all. What is in preparation is so extraordinary that its like has never happened since the creation of the world. That is why everything has already been predicted in the Bible. The terrible struggle between me, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the Red Dragon (Rev 12), Satan, who has now succeeded in seducing many souls…” (October 18, 1975).
(“The Hidden Broad Road to Perdition”;

- - -

In the prophetic dreams and visions of THERESE NEUMANN, she indicated the maximum power and dominion of the satanic incarnations over a period she calls "the age of Cain", which covers the years between 1999 and 2017. She said exactly that: "...The great wound will open in 1999 and it will bleed for eighteen years: this will be the time of Cain".

Satan “knows that his time is short” (Rev 12:12)!

These revelations indicate that before the centenary of the great miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, October 13, 1917, WE WILL SEE ALL THAT WE HAVE NOT SEEN YET OF CHAPTER 24 OF THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW AS WELL AS THE BOOK OF REVELATION, and in particular chapter 13!

- - - - - - -

Signs of Satan

The True Purpose of NASA

One can find much information on the Web about “The True History and Purpose of NASA”. Project Bluebeam is a New World Order Psyops program which is being developed through NASA in connection with the Department of Defense. This is where technology meets magic, with holographic planes created by NASA. Holographs on the battlefield would be to divert the attention of the enemy. 3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images will certainly involve fake Asteroids, and Alien spaceships, but may also include a false return of the Messiah! And all of those GWEN towers will provide the sound affects to make it all seem so real! NASA is organized largely around NAZI’s and Freemasons.

Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space ( explains why and how the important scientists of Hitler after the war were smuggled into the USA and later given the most important positions in NASA to continue the NAZI program and goals.
(“The True History and Purpose of NASA! Lying Signs And Wonders”;

One of the main goals of the CHEMTRAILS appears to be to fill the sky with Barium and Aluminum to make a screen so that holograms can appear very real to those who view them. Also Barium and Aluminum are two of the most common components to be found in chemtrails. The world controllers have found that the only viable means of mass genocide is through deception.

THE APOLLO MOON LANDINGS WERE FAKED, because they needed to convince the public that ET’s are real, and can also travel to this earth. The Shuttle missions were needed to weaponize space and deliver satellites that could create holographic images to deceive the masses. Now that the Shuttle missions are over, the next card left to play is the UFO card. The UFO card consists of two phases that will be followed one after the other: 1) Fake Asteroid devastation of earth. 2) Fake Alien invasion. It will be similar to the Predictive Programming found in Hollywood movies like “Independence Day” and more recently, “Battle: LA”. BUT THE ALIENS WILL BE FAKE, BUT THE DEVASTATION WILL BE REAL!!!

The creation of an artificial alien threat to this earth to facilitate the destruction of sovereign nations, coming together as one humanity, under a one world government, with all people willing to make whatever sacrifices are called upon them to make, which is giving up all of their liberties and freedoms and anything else they may ask you to do in order to oppose this supposed external threat.

In order to make interstellar travel believable, which nobody was buying, nobody, understanding the vast distances in space, could even remotely conceive somebody from some other star making the journey from their planet to here.

Not only that but nobody could understand how someone could find this planet or even want to come here given the billions and billions of choices there are in the universe. So in order to make this believable which absolutely had to occur with a scam to be swallowed by the people of the world. Among other goals, NASA was created for this purpose.

Just as the average citizen of Jerusalem missed the birth of Christ in His first coming, SO TOO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD TODAY WILL FOLLOW THE FALSE MESSIAH and will miss the signs that announce the second coming of the true Messiah who will come after the period of the “great tribulation” (Mt 24:21). When a person does not pray sincerely, that is, “THY will be done”, not MINE, he does not perceive the subtle voice of the Holy Spirit in his heart. In the same way, not being habituated to perceive this voice of the Holy Spirit, this person is not seeking to discover the subtle signs of God, as did the three wise men. The great majority of people today, who do not pray and could care less about the holy Commandments of God, will happily follow the spectacular dazzle of the false messiah, the first beast of the Book of Revelation, the Antichrist!

The three wise men were diligently looking for the signs of God in a world that had forgotten God. If people today do not diligently seek to discover the signs of God, the Truth in the midst of more confusion in the world and in the Church than ever before, they will not even know where to look to find the light of the Truth that sets us truly free (Jn 8:32); they will not notice the unique manifestation in the sky of September 23, 2017, the “woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; she was with child… (Rev 12:1-2). Instead those who do not pray and who do not sincerely seek to live the Our Father, “THY will be done”, will be attracted to the artificial lights and sounds that will lead people to give up their freedoms to the New World Order and to adore the first beast of the Book of Revelation (chapter 13), the Antichrist.

- - -


A few video clips that I found on YouTube, in Italian, also indicate that “the UFO’s are the work of Satan” (Padre Gabriele Amorth e Maria Simma).

DIFENDERSI DALL'OCCULTISMO di Padre Amorth, esoterismo, ufo, pericoli e inganni spirituali

Maria Simma e Padre Amorth - Gli ufo sono opera di satana

Messaggio del Signore a riguardo di attuali inganni satanici: ufo

Vade Retro - Ufo ed extraterrestri, tra spiritismo e magia

- - -

When we do not pray and we do not care about sins according to the Ten Commandments explained by the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults, God respects our choice and takes away his protecting hand and “the powers of evil” go forward uninhibited!!!
Whether we like it or not, life is a “DOUR COMBAT with the powers of evil” (CCC 409)! Many people have willingly forgotten that we were not created for this earth but to be with God in heaven! God respects our choice to want to be with God or to not want to be with God here on earth and for all eternity after our death! Whether we want to or not, whether we believe it or not, we have been given an immortal soul at our conception in the womb of our mothers and we will live forever with God or not with God, depending on our choice in this very short life!!! There are only two eternal places after death: where there is God and where there is not God, but “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44).
Satan will try to convince as many as possible that he is the Messiah and the savior of all people and of the world. When the wound of the first beast, a political leader, the antichrist will be healed, “the whole earth followed the beast with wonder…” (Rev 13:3, 12).

Thus, considering the power that we have given to “the powers of evil” (CCC 409), I believe that this supposed invasion of UFO’s will not only be facilitated with the use of holograms and GWEN towers, but also by demonic forces given much more power and freedom at CERN where “the goddess of death” was welcomed on Friday the 13th , March 2015 ( It is not hard to find YouTube video clips with such titles as “CERN opens the gates of hell”! This is what Padre Gabriele Amorth and Maria Simma revealed to us.

As I wrote in my article “Russia Will Punish the World - 3rd Secret of Fatima Revealed” (
We have opened Pandora’s box with pornography, contraception, abortion, euthanasia, …. Regarding America's acceptance of abortion, the late Catholic apologist Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen predicted, "If we don't stop the destruction of life, we'll come to midnight, that is nuclear war, in which there will be A TOTAL DISREGARD FOR LIFE”."

The few true Christians are crying out “Come, Lord Jesus” (Rev 22:20)! But the overwhelming majority of human beings today, either by their lack of prayer and lack of any regard for God’s holy Commandments, or even openly and happily, are crying out “Come Satan”! Today those who practice Satan worship and who adore Satan and give spiritual authority to Satan are quickly increasing in number. Years ago I remember wondering how God could give man the incredible power to make an Atom bomb. Now man has opened Pandora’s box at CERN. God respects totally our free will, even to destroy ourselves and to spend eternity separated from our Creator with “the father of lies” in hell.

And if those days had not been shortened, NO HUMAN BEING WOULD BE SAVED; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened” (Mt 24:22)!

If you might be interested in other signs of Satan in the world today, including the great danger of CERN and preternatural diabolical manifestations, earthquake, weather modification and deception of our senses caused by HAARP, the Money Masters of the world, the continuing destruction of the sacrament of Matrimony and the family by “Pope Francis”, the “illumination of the consciences”, and more, visit:
Satan Apes Christ

- - -

Those who keep their eyes open and sincerely pray will know the difference between the signs of God and the signs of Satan. To pray sincerely means to not just say the words of the Our Father, “THY will be done”, but to live these words. Those who do not pray sincerely the words of the Our Father, “THY will be done”, but rather live “MY will be done” will not know the difference between the beautiful lies of “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44) and the uncomfortable Truth, Who is Christ crucified. “The Truth (of God, not of the prince of the world, Satan - Jn 12:31; 14:30) will make you free” (Jn 8:32), now and for all eternity! The choice is ours!

Father Joseph Dwight


The constellation Virgo can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere from March to July.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

History Communion In Hand


The first two (printed) pages of the following was a letter to my parishioners of Antria, and a copy to Don Idilio:

- - -

Antria (Magione – PG), Date: December 2016

Dear brothers and sisters,

After spending more than an hour each day in before the infinite God in the tabernacle in the last 16 years, and after having meditated and studied much the documents of the Church and the writings of saints and popes and several bishops, in my conscience, before God, I can no longer offer the Most Blessed Sacrament in the hand to people, but only on the tongue. Below you will find a history of Communion in the hand with some excerpts of the documents and of saints and popes, and several bishops who have convinced me of this decision.

Therefore, if a person or more, who comes to Holy Mass the third Sunday of the month at Antria, comes forth to receive the Holy Communion and is not willing to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament on the tongue from Father Joe, as did someone for the third Sunday of November 2016, and is not willing to go to another parish for the third Sunday of the month to try to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament in the hand, I will be forced to no longer offer the gift of my free service of the monthly Santa Mass at Antria as I have done for many years here in Antria. Ask your parish priest, Don Idilio, for other Holy Masses Antria.


Here's how the new way of Communion in the hands was promulgated in the Church

Vatican City - In the sixteenth century, the Protestant reformers, in their new Christian cult, re-established Communion in the hand to affirm their two fundamental heresies: there did not exist the so-called 'transubstantiation' and the bread used was ordinary bread.

In other words, they argued that the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was only a popish superstition and the bread was just simple bread and anyone could handle it. In addition, the claimed that the minister of Communion was not indeed Different, in his nature, from the laity. Instead it is Catholic teaching that the Sacrament of Holy Orders gives man a spiritual power, sacramental, it imprints an indelible mark on his soul and makes him substantially different from the laity.

In contrast, the Protestant minister is a common man who leads the hymns, gives sermons in order to affirm the convictions of the believers. He cannot change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord, he cannot bless, he cannot forgive sins, he cannot, in a word, do anything that any layman could not do.

He, therefore, is not a vehicle of supernatural grace. The re-establishment of the Protestant Communion in the hand was a 'simple' way to express refusal to believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, rejection of sacramental priesthood, in short to deny the whole of Catholicism. From that point on, Communion in the hand acquired a meaning clearly anti-Catholic. It was a blatantly anti-Catholic practice, founded on the denial of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and of the priesthood. After Vatican II, in the Netherlands, some Catholic priests of the Protestant mentality began to give Communion in the hand, mimicking the Protestant practice.

But some Dutch Bishops, instead of doing their duty and condemning the abuse, they tolerated it and thus allowed the abuse to continue unchecked. The practice spread, then to Germany, to Belgium, to France. But if some bishops seemed indifferent to this scandal, much of the laity of that time were outraged. It was the indignation of a great number of faithful who pushed Pope Paul VI to take the initiative to probe the opinion of the bishops of the world on this issue and they voted unanimously for MAINTAINING the traditional practice of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.

It is also necessary to note that at that time the abuse was limited to a few European countries, so much so that it was not yet started in the United States and Latin America. Pope Paul VI then promulgated, May 28, 1969, the document ‘MEMORIALE DOMINI’ ( in which he stated verbatim: ‘The bishops of the world are unanimously opposed to Communion in the hand. It must be observed this way of distributing Communion, that the priest must put the Host on the tongue of the communicants. Communion on the tongue does not take away dignity in any way from those who receive Holy Communion. Every innovation can lead to irreverence and profanation of the Eucharist, as well as gradually corroding the correct doctrine '. The document also stated: 'The Supreme Pontiff judged that the traditional and ancient way of administering Communion to the faithful must not be changed. The Apostolic See therefore strongly urges bishops, priests and the people to observe zealously this law'.

But since this was the era of compromise, the papal document contained the seeds of its own destruction, as the Instruction went on to say that, where the abuse had already been strongly consolidated, it could be legalized with the two-thirds majority in a secret ballot of the National Episcopal Conference (as long as the Holy See confirmed the decision).

This ended in favor of the proponents of Communion in the hand. And it should be underlined that the Instruction said where abuse has already consolidated. Of course, the clergy of the Protestant mentality (including ours) concluded that if this rebellion could be legalized in the Netherlands, it could be legalized everywhere. It was thought that, ignoring 'Memorial Domains' and challenging the liturgical law of the Church, this rebellion would not only be tolerated, but finally legalized.

This was exactly what happened, and that's why today we have the practice of Communion in the hand. COMMUNION IN THE HAND, THEN, NOT ONLY WAS STARTED IN DISOBEDIENCE, BUT WAS PERPETUATED BY DECEPTION. The propaganda, in the 70s, was used to bring Communion in the hand with to naive people, with a campaign of half-truths that gave Catholics the false impression that Vatican II had provided a provision for the abuse, when indeed, there is no mention about it in any of the documents of the Council.

Moreover, the faithful were not told that the practice was initiated by a clergy of pro-protestant and pro-mason mentality, in defiance of the established liturgical law, but they made it sound like a request from the laity; the advocates of Communion in the hand did not clarify that the bishops of the world, when their opinions were probed, voted unanimously against this practice. They made no reference to the fact that permission was supposed to be only a tolerance of an abuse, where it was already established in 1969, and that there had been no go-ahead whatsoever that Communion in the hand might be spread to other countries like Italy and The United States of America. We have now come to the point where the practice of the Host in the hand is even presented as the best way to receive the Eucharist, and also most of our Catholic children have been wrongly instructed in receiving First Communion. To the faithful it is said that it is an optional practice and if they do not like it, they can receive Communion on the tongue.

The tragedy is that if this is optional for the lay person, it is implied that it is not for the clergy. The priests are clearly instructed to administer Communion in the hand, to their like or dislike, to whoever might ask, throwing many priests into an agonizing crisis of conscience.

It is therefore clear that NO PRIEST CAN LAWFULLY BE FORCED TO ADMINISTER COMMUNION IN THE HAND; we must pray that the greatest number of priests might have the courage to protect the reverence due to this Sacrament and might not be trapped into a false obedience that makes them collaborate in the loss of the sacredness of Christ in the Eucharist.

The priests must find the courage to fight this new practice that is part of the occult strategy of the protestantization of Catholicism, recalling that Pope Paul VI rightly predicted that Communion in the hand would lead to irreverence and to the profanation of the Eucharist and a gradual erosion of the orthodox doctrine.

This unlawful abuse is so well established as a local tradition, that even Pope John Paul II was not successful in denouncing it, despite his attempt to curb the abuse.

In his Letter 'Dominae Cenae' of 24 February 1980, the Polish Pope reaffirmed the Church's teachings according to which touching the sacred Species and administering them with one’s own hands is a privilege of the consecrated ones. But, for whatever reason, this document 36 years ago contained no threat of sanctions against the laity, priests or bishops who had ignored the defense of Communion on the tongue as the Pope wanted. A law without a penalty is not a law, but a suggestion.

Thus, the document of John Paul II was greeted by several members of the clergy of the Western countries as a suggestion not appreciated and unfortunately overlooked.

But what can the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, do if the majority of the bishops and priests and lay people do not obey? Is there anyone who is still seeking to discover what God wants instead of seeking only what “I want”? Do people today trust in God or in themselves? Are there still people of good will who want to dialogue in order to seek the Truth of God together according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults and according to the documents of the Church that the Holy Spirit has inspired in the last 2000 years? Are there still people who do not want to repeat the original sin of Adam and Eve (Gen 3,4-5) in deciding right and wrong according to their own heads, according to the subjectivism or relativism of each person as if each person were God? People who do not care about what God wants, also do not care about all the documents of the Church in the last two thousand years When people try to manipulate me and force me to offer or preach according to what people want without caring to seek what God wants, I reply: "I follow God, not men, because God can give me eternal life; men, creatures, they cannot offer me eternal life!

“We do not need a Church that is moved by the world, but a Church that moves the world” – G.K. Chesterton.

Considering this “ERA OF COMPROMISE”, in the final message of the Blessed Virgin, October 13, 1973, on the anniversary of the last apparition and of the miracle of FATIMA, at Akita, Japan, She said to Sister Agnes Sasagawa: “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the DELUGE, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms that will remain for you will be the Rosary and Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. WITH THE ROSARY, PRAY FOR THE POPE, THE BISHOPS, AND THE PRIESTS. The work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees…churches and altars sacked, THE CHURCH WILL BE FULL OF THOSE WHO ACCEPT COMPROMISE and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.” (

Although the “mercy of God endures forever” (Ps 136), Jesus never offered compromises even when there was the risk of loosing many followers. When many of His disciples left Him regarding the truth about the Eucharist, He did not offer compromises with the Truth, but was even willing to loose his even His Apostles: “Will you also go away?” (Jn 6:67)! The pastors who do not follow the Truth, Who is Jesus (Jn 14:6), are interested first of all in the quantity of followers, “to go to the peripheries” instead of first finding a great union with God on Mount Tabor (Moses), in the desert (Saint Anthony Abate), at Subiaco (Saint Benedict), at Laverna (Saint Francis of Assisi); they are not interested in the true spiritual quality of helping people to sacrifice and suffer everything to follow the Truth! These false pastors and false Christians, who use religion for their own motives, are happy with mediocrity and seek to lead others with them down the path of mediocrity, and ultimately, the lose of the Truth, the faith and salvation!

We must stay close to the fundamentals of revealed truth very well summarized in the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults (CCC) and in the true documents of the Magisterium of the Church, not the “spirit of Vatican II”! But of course A FUNDAMENTAL TACTIC OF OUR ENEMY IS TO OFFER US HALF-TRUTHS, such as, only talking about mercy without talking about the other half of the truth, that is, the need and obligation to repent and change our lives. A half-truth is worse than a lie because we think we are being led properly by those who have the God-given vocation to lead us toward God and toward eternal life, not eternal death.

There is nowhere in the scriptures where the mercy of God doesn’t expect a response of faith and repentance. One of the huge deceptions is that just because God is merciful, that means I’m OK. We become OK when we respond to mercy, when we repent and when we believe. And that needs to be part of the message, which very often today is lacking even from the highest authority in the Church. Today in the Church there are a great number of priests, bishops and cardinals who offer mercy for sins with all kinds of compromises with the Truth. Jesus offered mercy but without compromises to the Truth!

Let us contrast this priority of the Eucharist, according to the Church and the saints, with the words of Don Idilio, the delegate of Umbria and Toscana for the priests of the Focolare Movement, in his weekly bulletin of August 17, 2014:
Some say that the churches are mostly closed and perhaps suffers. And 'certainly a peculiar sadness, but it can also be an incentive to review their positions even in relation to a parish that is because there is a people that attended and uses its facilities to meet, to be formed and forming relationships valid in a time in which, even the most sacred, they are less. Here it is nice to think of a parish in which you live communion to the brotherhood! And it is the highest …”

The focolarini say among themselves: “Let us keep Jesus in our midst”. But often they ignore or the put aside the uncomfortable Truth so that everyone is happy and at ease: They have put aside Jesus, who is the Truth (Jn 14:6)!!!

A great number of leaders in the Focolare Movement, as well as in the whole Church, are “Sacrificing Truth on the Altar of Unity”!

Read the Book: “In the Name of Purpose - Sacrificing Truth on the Altar of Unity” (Jeremiah 6:16), by Tamara Hartzell (

A great number of people in the Church today have embraced THE VERY POWERFUL HIDDEN DECEPTION OF SATAN TO REVERSE THE PRIORITIES OF LOVE OF GOD AND LOVE OF NEIGHBOR! Behold the cult of man at the expense of the true cult of God! They adore the cult of man behind which is Satan. Satan hid also behind the image of gold with the king Nebuchadnezzar while the people worshiped it (Daniel ch. 3). Satan hid also behind the golden calf while the people worshiped it (Exodus ch. 32).

To protect the greatness and the sacredness of the Holy Mass and of the Eucharist, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI ordered the Neocatecumenal Way to “follow the liturgical book faithfully and exactly”. The three founders of the movement refused to obey the popes (“La Messa Neocatecumenale”; When I spoke of this decree (2005) of Pope Benedict with some of the members of the Neocatecumenal Way, they replied to me: “We have already overcome that”! This is like saying: “We have already overcome Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI! Do they trust in themselves or in God?!? How do they live the Our Father: “MY will be done”, or “THY will be done”???

The Antichrist will conquer many people by saying: “You can do all that you like... it is enough to love each other...” - Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church (1098-1179) (

It is most interesting how often we find this FALSE “LOVE” USED AS A POWERFUL STRATEGY in the 33 directives of the Grand Master of the Masons to the Catholic Bishops to destroy the Catholic Church! The word “love” APPEARS A WHOPPING 11 TIMES in these 33 directives! “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2Cor 11:14)! Visit: “The Masonic Plan For The Destruction Of The Catholic Church” (,

To understand better the hidden powerful strategy of using false love, see also below:

According to Cardinal Biffi, according to the servant of God, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and many saints and holy learned people, during the time of the great apostasy just before the manifestation of the Antichrist (2Thess 2:3-4), this universal worldwide brotherhood will take the place of the true religion; it will take the place of the true cult of God! Visit: “Russia Will Punish the World - 3rd Secret of Fatima Revealed” (

I have a great sorrow in my heart for the souls entrusted to a great number of pastors today who do not live nor preach the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults! If these pastors do not want to represent the Catholic Church and do not want to spend eternity with the Truth, Jesus Christ (Jn 14:6), best wishes to them. But to drag so many souls with them to be separated from the Truth for all eternity is something more terrible that one can imagine! Our Lady, the Mamma of all people, cries and a great number of her beloved sons, the priests, could care less! “The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God” (CCC 1035).

Considering the great rebellion against Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae (1968), an encyclical which reaffirmed the constant teaching of the Church (Casti Canubi 1930, etc.) on the gravity of using contraception, and then a year later with Memoriale Domini (1969), I am not surprised about the words of Pope Paul VI a while later.
We remember the dramatic words pronounced by Pope Paul VI on June 29 1972, after the Second Vatican Council, denouncing that “By some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God… One no longer trusts the Church; so many trust in the first profane prophet, who speaks to us in a magazine or in some social slogans, in order to run after him and ask him if he has the formula of true life. And we do not realize instead that we have already become lords and teachers. Doubt has entered our consciences, and it has entered through the windows which were meant to have been opened to the light. This state of uncertainty reigns even in the Church. It was hoped that after the Council there would be a day of sunlight in the history of the Church. Instead, there came a day of clouds, of darkness, of groping, of uncertainty…”
A few months before Pope Paul VI died, on September 8, 1977, he confirmed this grave judgment in a conversation with Jean Guitton. Here are the words of Paul VI recounted by the French philosopher:
"There is a great disturbance at this moment in the world and in the Church, and what is in question is the faith. It happens now that I find myself repeating the obscure saying of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Luke: 'When the Son of man returns, will he find faith on the earth?' It happens that books are published in which important points of the faith are undermined, that the bishops are silent, that these books are not found to be strange. This, according to me, is strange. I read again every once in a while the Gospel of the end times and I realize that in this moment there is emerging some signs of the end times. Are we near the end? This we will never know. It is necessary to always be ready, but everything can still last quite a while. What strikes me, when I consider the Catholic world, is that a non-Catholic type of thought seems to predominate sometimes within Catholicism, and this non-Catholic thought might become the stronger one within Catholicism in the future. But it will never represent the thought of the Church. A small flock must remain, however small it may be."

A pastor who does not study to seek to discover these hidden poisons of “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44) gives to the sheep the impression that all is OK even though they have slowly embraced the poisons of the wolf. The fundamental strategy of the wolf is to put to sleep spiritually the sheep so that they believe to be OK and thus do not seek to discover if they are truly OK according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults (CCC), even though they are OK according to the manner of the world in each era of the world. If a person does not confess a mortal sin, the sin remains for all eternity because God respects the free will of each person to not ask for the mercy of God (in sacramental confession) and to not live what one says in the Act of Contrition: “I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more, and to avoid the near occasion of sin”! HOW MANY PEOPLE, WITH THE HELP OF THE NEGLIGENCE OF THEIR PASTORS, HAVE IGNORED OR REBELLED AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH ABOUT THE SIN OF USING CONTRACEPTION (Humanae Vitae – 1968; Casti Canubi – 1930), and have never confessed this mortal sin, but today commit many sacrileges in receiving Holy Communion without confessing this mortal sin? Does God have to change according to every epoch of the world or does the world have to change according to God??? If a pastor, who has the vocation to protect the sheep from the wolf, does not do this work of being the spiritual doctor of souls to help to identify and to overcome the spiritual mortal sickness of mortal sins, what will Jesus say to this pastor upon his death? “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mk 31:31). “Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished” (Mt 5:17-18; 24,35).

The Subtle and Powerful Attack on the Eucharist

The Progressive Protestantization of the Catholic Mass

The fundamental strategy of the devil today is to eliminate humility before God, humility especially here on earth before the infinite God in the Eucharist. You cannot separate the body from the soul or from the heart. Therefore it is very important for Satan to take away the exterior signs of humility with the body before the infinite God in the Eucharist. The heart and soul slowly follow the signs of the body.

Saint Augustine tells us: It was pride that changes angels into devils; IT IS HUMILITY that makes men as angels. Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues. The soul in which this virtue does not exist, there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance. Saint Bonaventure said that without humility, there is not virtue!

Without humility of obedience and humility before the infinite God in the Eucharist, Jesus says: My grace turns away from them to humble souls”!!!

Jesus said to Saint Faustina: “If their trust is great, there is no limit to My generosity. The torrents of grace inundate humble souls. THE PROUD REMAIN ALWAYS IN POVERTY AND MISERY, BECAUSE MY GRACE TURNS AWAY FROM THEM TO HUMBLE SOULS” (Diary of Saint Faustina, 1602).

No one is forced to seek the will of God and to live the will of God with prayer. No one is forced to live the Lord's Prayer, "THY will be done." God totally respects our free will, for God is love. God does not force anyone to be with him. It would be like saying to a person: "You must love me, otherwise I will make you suffer!" That's why after death there are two places, where there is the Creator of the universe and where there is not the Creator. The creatures are free to decide in this short life where they want to be for all eternity.

Like all human beings, I'm free to decide to follow God or follow people or other things. If a person wants to say that I do not respect their freedom because I do not do their will, this is the law of the bully and dictators. I am free to choose to follow God above all. If I do not agree with the Ten Commandments, or the words of Jesus in the Gospel, God respects my choice for all eternity. We are free not to follow Jesus and not to be with Jesus now and after death. But we do not have the power to compel God to change his law as we want! His laws are for our true good! We are free to obey his laws or to not obey his laws, to live with God for eternity or to not live with God for eternity.

Jesus, as God, is truly very demanding, because only God can offer eternal life. “He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me…” (Mt 10:37). “If any one come to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple” (Lk 14:26).

Ci sono pochissime persone oggi che chiedono il sacerdote, come possiamo imparare di più di come Gesù vuole che riceviamo l’Eucaristia. È piuttosto come voglio farlo io, senza nessun desiderio di imparare dai documenti della Chiesa. C’è un atteggiamento diffuso oggi che io so meglio che la Chiesa, e perciò in realtà, io so meglio di Dio!

Padre Larry Richards dice che l’iscrizione sopra le porte dell’inferno sarà il titolo della canzone cantata da Frank Sinatra anni fa: “Ho Fatto nel Modo Mio” (“I Did It My Way”)!

Benedict XVI and liturgical reform; Dom Alcuin Reid, OSB:
As he (Pope Benedict) so eloquently explained as Cardinal: "If the Liturgy appears first of all as the workshop for our activity, then what is essential is being forgotten: God. For the Liturgy is not about us, but about God. Forgetting about God is the most imminent danger of our age. As against this, the Liturgy should be setting up a sign of God's presence.”
"Yet what is happening, if the habit of forgetting about God makes itself at home in the Liturgy itself, and if in the Liturgy we are only thinking of ourselves? In any and every liturgical reform, and every liturgical celebration, the primacy of God should be kept in view first and foremost."
Commentators have remarked on Benedict XVI's courtesy and humility. These, and his profound love of the Church, mean that he will take seriously the words he wrote not twelve months ago: "The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose will is law, but is the guardian of the authentic Tradition, and thereby the premier guarantor of obedience. He cannot do as he likes, and is thereby able to oppose those people who for their part want to do what has come into their head. His rule is not that of arbitrary power, but that of obedience in faith."
Pope Benedict XVI will not act beyond his competence in respect of the Sacred Liturgy, but he will act, for he is convinced that, as he wrote in 1997, "the true celebration of the Sacred Liturgy is the centre of any renewal of the Church whatever."

BISHOP ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER of Karaganda (Kazakhstan) is one of the few prelates who, in truth, continues to speak out against the abusive practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand. In 2008, Bishop Schneider penned a short book on his thoughts regarding the reception of Holy Communion in the hand while in a standing position. “Dominus Est” – “It is the Lord”! Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion was first published by the Vatican Press. He wrote the book in response to the widespread problem of “a gradual, growing weakening of the attitude of reverence toward the Sacred Eucharistic Species,” not to mention the abuses of dropping the Eucharistic Host, saving it for later consumption, or profaning the Blessed Sacrament as in a Satanic Mass.

The book begins with an introduction to three women: Bishop Schneider’s mother, Maria Schneider, his great aunt, Pulcheria Koch, and Maria Stang, a parishioner of the Karaganda diocese. As part of the Soviet underground, these “Eucharistic women” risked their lives during the dark times of Communist oppression so that the Holy Eucharist and the few remaining priests could be protected. With faith, and in great danger, the Eucharistic women were “often mothers and grandmothers with a ‘priestly’ soul who safeguarded and even administered the Eucharist with extraordinary love, with care, and with the greatest reverence possible, in the spirit of the Christians of the first centuries, expressed in the adage ‘cum amore ac timore’ (with love and fear).” The people of the Soviet underground reverenced the Holy Eucharist and during the rare times that the Blessed Sacrament was available to them, they “received Holy Communion on their knees and in tears.”

In the very beginning of the Christian Church, Holy Communion was received in the hand. However, Bishop Schneider explains that as the early Church became increasingly “aware of the greatness of the moment of Holy Communion [She] searched to find a ritual expression that can bear witness in the most perfect manner to her faith, love, and respect.” By the sixth century, with greater understanding and adoration of the Sacrament, Holy Communion placed directly on the tongue became the NORM. Those who continued to distribute Communion in the hand were censured. The sect known as the Casiani was condemned in 839 for refusing to receive Communion on the tongue. The Synod of Rouen in 878 threatened to suspend sacred ministers if they distributed Communion in the hand.

Aware of the magnitude of the greatness of the moment of Holy Communion, the Church in its two thousand year old tradition has tried to find a ritual that could testify as perfectly as possible to her faith, to her love and to her respect. This occurred, when in the wake of an organic development, at least from the sixth century, the Church began to adopt the mode of distributing the holy Eucharistic species directly on the tongue. There is given testimony to this: the biography of Pope Gregory the Great and an indication of the same Gregorio related to Pope Agapito (Dialogues, III).

The early Church Fathers were concerned about safeguarding fragments of the Holy Eucharist (cf. Catechesi mistagogiche, 5,21). This was another reason for the institution of receiving Christ directly on the tongue in both the early Eastern and Western churches. Receiving Holy Communion in the hand posed the very real hazard that tiny particles, including those that were imperceptible to the human eye, could be dropped. St. Jerome expressed his concern about even a tiny fragment of the Holy Eucharist falling to the ground: “If anything should fall to the ground, there is danger.”

According to the Coptic Church, “there is no difference between the smaller and larger particles of the Eucharist, even those smallest ones which cannot be perceived with the naked eye; they deserve the same veneration and possess the same dignity as the whole Bread.”

Bishop Schneider reminds us that the Holy Eucharist is “the GIFT par excellence that Christ has left for the Church, His Bride.” Thus, the believer’s attitude when receiving this precious gift is one of “the humility of the centurion, the attitude of one who allows himself to be fed, precisely the attitude of a child.” The writings of the early Fathers of the Church continue to teach us that the proper outlook while receiving Holy Communion is ‘cum amore ac timore” (with love and fear).

From the sixth century, “prostration and genuflection” before receiving the Blessed Sacrament was common in monasteries. By the tenth and eleventh centuries, the practice had spread.

John Paul II in his last encyclical, Ecclesia de Eucharistia, left to the Church an ardent warning that sounds like a true testament: " By giving the Eucharist the prominence it deserves, and by being careful not to diminish any of its dimensions or demands, we show that we are truly conscious of the greatness of this gift (...) There can be no danger of excess in our care for this mystery!" (N. 61). The awareness of the greatness of the Eucharistic mystery shows itself especially in the manner in which the Lord's body is distributed and received.

Kneeling is the biblical gesture of adoration. Adoration is the highest form of prayer; and as St. Augustine warned, “we would sin were we not to adore [the Holy Eucharist].” Then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger confirmed that “kneeling is the right, indeed the intrinsically necessary gesture” before the Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Christ. Those who are unable to kneel must also make an alternate act of reverence.

Pope St. John Paul II exhorted the Church to “safeguard and strengthen the sacredness of the Eucharist.” He noted that this was important since our secular society seeks to desacralize the sacred.

La nostra profonda gesto di riverenza e di adorazione, vale a dire, in ginocchio e ricevendo il Santissimo Sacramento sulla lingua è, nelle parole del vescovo Schneider, "un segno impressionante che professa la fede nella presenza reale di Dio in mezzo dei fedeli". Un atto di adorazione, soprattutto in un mondo che si rifiuta di credere in gran parte, è una professione di fede che invita i miscredenti ad adorare Dio.

In the conclusion of his short but important work on the reverent reception of the Holy Eucharist, Bishop Schneider reflected:
God willing, the pastors of the Church will be able to renew the house of God which is the Church, placing the Eucharistic Jesus in the center, giving Him the first place, making it so that He receive gestures of honor and adoration also at the moment of Holy Communion. The Church must be reformed, starting from the Eucharist! Ecclesia ab Eucharistia emendanda est! The Church must be reformed by the Eucharist.

The Sacred Host is not something, but some ONE. “He is there,” was the way St. John Mary Vianney synthesized the Eucharistic Mystery. Therefore, we are involved with nothing other than, and no one less great than, the Lord Himself: Dominus est! (It is the Lord!)

Schneider, A. (2008). Dominus Est—It is the Lord! Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion. New Jersey: Newman House Press.


Eat to condemnation if do not recognize Jesus in Eucharist. This is the meaning of what Saint Paul tells us:
“Perché chi mangia e beve senza riconoscere il corpo del Signore, mangia e beve la propria condanna.” (1Cor 11,29).

First job of a priest is to protect the sacraments!!! If a priests does not help the people to “discern” the Body and Blood of Christ, and people come up without the proper preparation, this priest will have to answer to God on judgment day.

Since his election, which took place right in the Year of the Eucharist, Benedict XVI has frequently reaffirmed the real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. He also retrieved, beginning from the feast of Corpus Christi in 2008 the use of giving Holy Communion on the tongue to kneeling faithful. Struck by this papal example, numerous priests, often among the younger ones, began to doubt the merits of generalized communion in the hand, considered also by some as one of the greatest damages of the liturgical reform.

His book, Dominus Est, Bishop Athanasius Schneider specifically addresses this issue. According to him, we can say, as S.E. Msgr. Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, in the preface of his book, that communion in the hand has fostered a loss of faith, on the part of the faithful as well as that of the clerics, in the real presence of Christ and, therefore, a lack of respect for the Blessed Sacrament. We refer to the displacement of Tabernacles in dark corners of the churches, to the faithful who do not genuflect anymore before the Blessed Sacrament, the sacrilegious communions, etc.

Pope John Paul II underlined the necessity of external expressions of respect towards the Eucharistic Bread: “Though the idea of a “banquet” naturally suggests familiarity, the Church has never yielded to the temptation to trivialize this “intimacy” with her Spouse by forgetting that he is also her Lord… The Eucharistic Banquet is truly a “sacred” banquet, in which the simplicity of the signs conceals the unfathomable holiness of God… The bread which is broken on our altars… is the bread of angels, which cannot be approached except with the humility of the centurion in the Gospel: “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof ” (Mt 8:8; Lk 7:6). (Ecclesia de Eucharistia, 48).

Bishop Athanasius Schneider was asked a few questions:
Q. Is the Church going in the opposite direction from where you are going?
BAS: ‘It seems that the majority of the clergy and the bishops are content with this modern use of Communion in the hand and don’t realize the real dangers connected with such a practice. For me this is incredible. How is this possible, when Jesus is present in the little hosts? A priest and a bishop should say: “I have to do something, at least to gradually reduce this. All that I can do, I have to do.” Unfortunately, though, there are members of the clergy who are making propaganda of the modern use of Communion in the hand and sometimes prohibiting receiving Communion on the tongue and kneeling. There are even priests who are discriminating against those who kneel for Holy Communion. This is very, very sad.
Q. Some people would say you are worrying about unimportant things, what about the poor?
BAS: ‘This is erroneous. The first commandment which Christ gave us was to adore God alone. Liturgy is not a meeting of friends. It is our first task to adore and glorify God in the liturgy and also in our manner of life. From a true adoration and love of God grows love for the poor and our neighbor. It is a consequence. The saints in two thousand years of the Church, all those saints who were so prayerful and pious, they were all extremely merciful for the poor and to care for the poor.

In these two commandments are all the others. But the FIRST commandment is to love and adore God and that is realized in a supreme manner in the sacred liturgy. When you are neglecting the first commandment, then you are not doing the will of God, you are pleasing yourself. Happiness is to fulfill the will of God, not to fulfill our will.’

During a trip to England the Soviet-born bishop said the Church today is experiencing 'tremendous confusion'
Although he says talk of change is mainly coming from “the anti-Christian media”, he sees clergy and lay Catholics “collaborating” with what he calls the new paganism. Bishop Schneider is particularly critical of the idea that these changes should be made so as to be merciful to those currently barred from receiving the Sacraments. “[This is] a kind of sophism,” he said. “This is not mercy, this is cruel.”

He suggested this was “a false concept of mercy”, saying: “It is comparable to a doctor who gives a diabetic patient sugar, although he knows it will kill him.”

Such critics may assert that Bishop Schneider’s concern over Holy Communion is like worrying over the numbers of angels on a pinhead. But the bishop insists that treatment of the Eucharist is at the very heart of the crisis. “The Eucharist is at the heart of the Church,” he said. “When the heart is weak, the whole body is weak.”

He argued that receiving Communion in hand “contributes gradually to the loss of the Catholic faith in the Real Presence and in transubstantiation”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Various writings of the saints

(in contrast with our presumption!)

Often during Mass, I see the Lord in my soul; I feel His presence which pervades my being. I sense His divine gaze; I have long talks with Him without saying a word; I know what His divine Heart desires, and I always do what will please Him the most. 1 love Him to distraction, and I feel that I am being loved by God. At those times when I meet with God deep within myself, I feel so happy that I do not know how to express it. Such moments are short, for the soul could not bear it for long, as separation from the body would be inevitable. Though these moments are very short, their power, however, which is transmitted to the soul, remains with it for a very long time. Without the least effort, I experience the profound recollection which then envelops me-and it does not diminish even if I talk with people, nor does it interfere with the performance of my duties. I feel the constant presence of God without any effort of my soul. I know that I am united with Him as closely as a drop of water is united with the bottomless ocean” (Diary of Saint Faustina; no. 411).

St. Therese of Lisieux:
I am just a speck of dust, but I want to make my dwelling in the shadow of the sanctuary with the prisoner of love. My soul longs for the host; I love Him and want nothing more. It is a hidden God who attracts me. I am the atom of Jesus Christ.”

On several occasions, I have learned how some religious defend their own glory under the pretext of being concerned for the glory of God, whereas it is not a question of the glory of God, but of glory of self. O Jesus, how painful this has been for me! What secrets the day of Your judgment will bring to light! How can one steal God's gifts?” (Diary of St. Faustina, no. 1149).

THE SECRET OF MARY by St.Louis de Montfort
37. 3. Consecrating ourselves in this way to Jesus through Mary implies placing our good deeds in Mary's hands. Now, although these deeds may appear good to us, they are often defective, and not worthy to be considered and accepted by God, before whom even the stars lack brightness. Let us pray, then, to our dear Mother and Queen that having accepted our poor present, she may purify it, sanctify it, beautify it, and so make it worthy of God. Any good our soul could produce is of less value to God our Father, in winning his friendship and favor, than a worm-eaten apple would be in the sight of a king, when presented by a poor peasant to his royal master as payment for the rent of his farm. But what would the peasant do if he were wise and if he enjoyed the esteem of the queen? Would he not present his apple first to her, and would she not, out of kindness to the poor man and out of respect for the king, remove from the apple all that was maggoty and spoilt, place it on a golden dish, and surround it with flowers? Could the king then refuse the apple? Would he not accept it most willingly from the hands of his queen who showed such loving concern for that poor man? "If you wish to present something to God, no matter how small it may be," says St Bernard, "place it in the hands of Mary to ensure its certain acceptance".”

In Italian, you can also visit articles that I have posted:

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Blessed Francisco, after having received the Eucharist from the Angel of Fatima, he understood the greatness of the reality of Jesus present in the Eucharist and he spent three hours everyday before the Tabernacle until his death about a year later.

The Holy Father John Paul II said in his homily at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, Saturday, May 13, 2000:
Later Francisco, one of the three privileged children, exclaimed: "We were burning in that light which is God and we were not consumed. What is God like? It is impossible to say. In fact we will never be able to tell people". God: a light that burns without consuming. Moses had the same experience when he saw God in the burning bush; he heard God say that he was concerned about the slavery of his people and had decided to deliver them through him: "I will be with you" (cf. Ex 3: 2-12). Those who welcome this presence become the dwelling-place and, consequently, a "burning bush" of the Most High.

The Marvelous Value of the Holy Mass!

The Church … was built up” (Acts 9:31), because the first Christians celebrated the Eucharist every day.

All the saints understood the greatness of the Eucharist; for this reason they are saints, and for this Satan does all he can to lead us away from the “the source and summit of the Christian life”. (Vat. II: LG 11; CCC 1324)! What can dust do without God? Mother Teresa of Calcutta did not open a new religious house for her sisters if there was not the possibility of having not only the Holy Mass every day, but also several hours before the Most Blessed Sacrament every day.

Sister Mary Gabriel (in purgatory) communicated to Sister Mary of the Cross: “Alas, how many lives seem to be filled with good works and at the death are found empty. This is because all those actions that appeared to be good, all those showy works, all that conduct that seemed irreproachable - all these were not done for Jesus alone. Some will have their eyes opened when they come here to this life (in Purgatory). On earth they wanted to be made much of, to shine, to be thought very exact in religious observances, to be esteemed as perfect religious. This is the mainspring of so many lives. If you only knew how few people work for God and act for Him alone. Alas, at death, when they are no longer blinded, what regrets they will have. If only sometimes they would think of eternity! What is life compared to that day which will have no evening for the elect, or to that night which will have no dawning for the damned? On earth, people attach themselves to everything and everyone except to Him, who alone ought to have our love and to whom we refuse it. JESUS IN THE TABERNACLE WAITS FOR SOULS TO LOVE HIM AND HE FINDS NONE. Hardly one soul in a thousand loves Him as it should. You love Him and make up to Him for this guilty indifference which exists all over this world.
(December 8, 1879; “A Manuscript On Purgatory”;

He loved the most holy Eucharist also with complete single-mindedness, often adoring it for hours on end in the sanctuary of the church and longed to receive it as often as possible as the food of his soul.” (Saint Martin of Porres; Office of Readings; November 3)

I will not allow myself to be so absorbed in the whirlwind of work as to forget about God. I will spend all my free moments at the feet of the Master hidden in the Blessed Sacrament. He has been tutoring me from my most tender years” (Diary of Saint Faustina, 82).

Many priests do not spend time in adoration everyday with the excuse of their apostolate while sliding into ACTIVISM, similar to a husband who does not pass time with his wife, being occupied with his carrier or worse, with other women.

SAINT JOHN OF KENTY: “Each day, when he had finished his work, he would go straight from the college to the church. There before Christ present in the Eucharist he would spend long hours in prayer and contemplation. THE GOD OF WHOM HE SPOKE WAS THE SAME GOD WHO WAS IN HIS HEART.” (Breviary; December 23).

As for ourselves, HOW OFTEN DO WE COME TO CHURCH WITHOUT THINKING WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO OR FOR WHAT WE ARE GOING TO ASK. And yet, when we go to call upon someone, we have no difficulty in remembering why it was we came. Some appear as if they were about to say to God: ‘I am just going to say a couple of words, so I can get away quickly.’ I often think that when we come to adore our Lord we should get all we ask if we asked for it with a lively faith and a pure heart.” (St. John Vianney; Office of Readings; August 4).

From the 100-page booklet, “Saint Veronica Giuliani – True Disciple and Apostle of Mary”, by Frate Emmanuele of the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary (p. 52):
And to the Holy Eucharist, this "great invention of love," as she called It, to which she resorted to ask the most difficult graces, obtaining permission to receive Him every day; and how often she received Him from the hands of the Angels ... or from Most Holy Mary ... One must look in the mirror of the Diary to understand how little reverence and so much superficiality we approach the Sacred today, and how little faith in the real and working presence of God in this wonderful Sacrament, even to the limits of desecration ... How important it was for her the way to receive Him! All ... all the spiritual fruits depended on this. She used to say, "Whenever we receive Him in the Blessed Sacrament, God is reborn in the souls of the righteous who, with the heart ,serve Him and receive Him with purity." It is enough to remember that she was raptured into union with God after almost every Communion …

Our Lady to Don Stefano Gobbi, August 21, 1987:
I am the Mother of Adoration and of Reparation. Beside every tabernacle of the earth, there is always my motherly presence. It forms a new and loving tabernacle for the solitary presence of my Son Jesus; it builds a garden of love for his permanent residence among you; it forms a celestial harmony which surrounds Him with all the enchantment of paradise in the adoring choirs of angels, in the blessed prayer of the saints, in the painful aspiration of the many souls who are being purified in purgatory. In my Immaculate Heart all form a concert of perennial adoration, of unceasing prayer and of profound love for Jesus, really present in every tabernacle on earth. Today my motherly Heart is saddened and is deeply wounded because I see that, about the divine presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, there is so much emptiness, so much abandonment, so much neglect, so much silence. O Church, pilgrim and suffering, of which I am the Mother, Church, who are the family of all my children, ark of the new alliance, people of God, you must understand that the center of your life, the fount of your grace, the source of your light, the beginning of your apostolic action is found only here in the tabernacle where Jesus is truly kept. And Jesus is present to teach you how to grow, to help you to walk, to strengthen you in giving witness, to give you courage in evangelizing, to be a support for all your sufferings. O pilgrim and suffering Church of these times, who are being called to live the agony of Gethsemane and the bloody hour of your Calvary, I want to bring you here today with me, prostrate before every tabernacle, in an act of perpetual adoration and reparation, so that you too may be able to repeat the action that is always being carried out by your heavenly Mother. I am the Mother of Adoration and of Reparation. In the Eucharist Jesus is really present with his Body, with his Blood, with his Soul and with his Divinity. In the Eucharist, there is really present Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that God who, in Him, I saw at every moment of his earthly life, even if He was hidden under the veil of a fragile and feeble nature, which developed through the rhythm of time and of his human growth… Go before the tabernacle to establish with Jesus a simple and daily rapport of life.”

Pope John Paul II tells us:
Let us take our place, dear brothers and sisters, at the school of the saints, who are the great interpreters of true Eucharistic piety. In them the theology of the Eucharist takes on all the splendor of a lived reality; it becomes “contagious” and, in a manner of speaking, it “warms our hearts”. Above all, let us listen to Mary Most Holy, in whom the mystery of the Eucharist appears, more than in anyone else, as a mystery of light. Gazing upon Mary, we come to know the transforming power present in the Eucharist. In her we see the world renewed in love. Contemplating her, assumed body and soul into heaven, we see opening up before us those “new heavens” and that “new earth” which will appear at the second coming of Christ. Here below, the Eucharist represents their pledge, and in a certain way, their anticipation: “Veni, Domine Iesu!” (Rev 22:20).” (Ecclesia de Eucharistia, no. 62).

Make frequent visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the devil will be powerless against you.” St. John Bosco

The Dream of St. John Bosco” of the two pillars indicates to us the great importance of staying very close to Jesus in the Eucharist (while it is still possible) with our Rosary in hand.

Saint Padre Pio said: "It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the HOLY MASS." This saint also said: “The ROSARY is the weapon for these times”!

Our Lady to Don Stefano Gobbi, July 16, 1976:
Above all, I bring you gently before the divine Person of my Son Jesus present, as in heaven, in the sacrament of the Eucharist. You acquire from me a taste for prayer. Prayer of adoration, prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of reparation. The more the coldness of desertion and silence surrounds my Son Jesus, present among you in the Eucharist, the more I myself gather the voices of my beloved sons so that, united with my voice, there may be composed even here on earth a melody of love to be offered to the Heart of my Son for his consolation.”

In Italian, visit:
Una Festa Falsa Senza la Verità
(A False Feast Without the Truth)

This Bread of the Strong gives me all the strength I need to carry on my mission and the courage to do whatever the Lord asks of me. The courage and strength that are in me are not of me, but of Him who lives in me - it is the Eucharist” (Diary of St. Faustina, no. 91).

At such times, as always, I hasten to the Tabernacle and bow before the ciborium and there draw strength to accept God's will. That which I have written is not yet everything” (Diary of St. Faustina, no. 1431).

I find myself so weak that were it not for Holy Communion I would fall continually. One thing alone sustains me, and that is Holy Communion. From it I draw my strength; in it is all my comfort. I fear life on days when I do not receive Holy Communion. I fear my own self. Jesus concealed in the Host is everything to me. From the tabernacle I draw strength, power, courage and light. Here, I seek consolation in time of anguish. I would not know how to give glory to God if I did not have the Eucharist in my heart” (Diary of St. Faustina, no. 1037).

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, in his Letter of Proclaiming A Year For Priests on the 150th Anniversary Of The "Dies Natalis" of the Curé Of Ars, he wrote:
Saint John Mary Vianney taught his parishioners primarily by the witness of his life. It was from his example that they learned to pray, halting frequently before the tabernacle for a visit to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. “One need not say much to pray well” – the Curé explained to them – “We know that Jesus is there in the tabernacle: let us open our hearts to him, let us rejoice in his sacred presence. That is the best prayer”. And he would urge them: “Come to communion, my brothers and sisters, come to Jesus. Come to live from him in order to live with him… “Of course you are not worthy of him, but you need him!”. This way of educating the faithful to the Eucharistic presence and to communion proved most effective when they saw him celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Those present said that “it was not possible to find a finer example of worship… He gazed upon the Host with immense love”. “All good works, taken together, do not equal the sacrifice of the Mass” – he would say – “since they are human works, while the Holy Mass is the work of God”. He was convinced that the fervor of a priest’s life depended entirely upon the Mass: “The reason why a priest is lax is that he does not pay attention to the Mass! My God, how we ought to pity a priest who celebrates as if he were engaged in something routine!”. He was accustomed, when celebrating, also to offer his own life in sacrifice: “What a good thing it is for a priest each morning to offer himself to God in sacrifice!”.
The Curé of Ars dealt with different penitents in different ways. Those who came to his confessional drawn by a deep and humble longing for God’s forgiveness found in him the encouragement to plunge into the “flood of divine mercy” which sweeps everything away by its vehemence. If someone was troubled by the thought of his own frailty and inconstancy, and fearful of sinning again, the Curé would unveil the mystery of God’s love in these beautiful and touching words: “The good Lord knows everything. Even before you confess, he already knows that you will sin again, yet he still forgives you. How great is the love of our God: he even forces himself to forget the future, so that he can grant us his forgiveness!”. But to those who made a lukewarm and rather indifferent confession of sin, he clearly demonstrated by his own tears of pain how “abominable” this attitude was: “I weep because you don’t weep”, he would say. “If only the Lord were not so good! But he is so good! One would have to be a brute to treat so good a Father this way!”. He awakened repentance in the hearts of the lukewarm by forcing them to see God’s own pain at their sins reflected in the face of the priest who was their confessor. To those who, on the other hand, came to him already desirous of and suited to a deeper spiritual life, he flung open the abyss of God’s love, explaining the untold beauty of living in union with him and dwelling in his presence: “Everything in God’s sight, everything with God, everything to please God… How beautiful it is!”. And he taught them to pray: “My God, grant me the grace to love you as much as I possibly can”.
By spending long hours in church before the tabernacle, he inspired the faithful to imitate him by coming to visit Jesus with the knowledge that their parish priest would be there, ready to listen and offer forgiveness. Later, the growing numbers of penitents from all over France would keep him in the confessional for up to sixteen hours a day. It was said that Ars had become “a great hospital of souls”.
His chastity, too, was that demanded of a priest for his ministry. It could be said that it was a chastity suited to one who must daily touch the Eucharist, who contemplates it blissfully and with that same bliss offers it to his flock. It was said of him that “he radiated chastity”; the faithful would see this when he turned and gazed at the tabernacle with loving eyes”

When God gave “manna” to arrive to the “promised land”, the Israelites “loathe this worthless food” (“manna”, Num 21:5) just as a great number of Catholics loathe the Eucharist, which is to help us to arrive to the “promised land”, paradise! In order to bring back the Israelites to the path of salvation, “The LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died” (Num 21:6). “And the LORD said to Moses, "Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and every one who is bitten, when he sees it, shall live." So Moses made a bronze serpent, and set it on a pole; and if a serpent bit any man, he would look at the bronze serpent and live.” (Num 21:8-9). So too God offers us the cross, and His Son crucified as the “serpent” humiliated and agonizing on the cross covered with blood. Are we willing to look at the serpent frequently in meditating often on the Passion of Christ as the solution for loathing the Eucharist?

From the Treatise of St. Ambrose On the Mysteries, “Neophytes and the Eucharist”:
Now consider which is the more excellent, the bread of angels or the flesh of Christ, which is indeed the body of life. The former manna was from heaven, this manna is above heaven; the one was of heaven, the other is of the Lord of heaven… Whoever tastes it (Eucharist) devoutly can never experience corruption…” (Office of Readings; OT 15; Friday).

Pope John Paul II tells us:
Priests are engaged in a wide variety of pastoral activities. If we also consider the social and cultural conditions of the modern world it is easy to understand how priests face the very real risk of losing their focus amid such a great number of different tasks. The Second Vatican Council saw in pastoral charity the bond which gives unity to the priest's life and work. This, the Council adds, “flows mainly from the Eucharistic Sacrifice, which is therefore the centre and root of the whole priestly life”. We can understand, then, how important it is for the spiritual life of the priest, as well as for the good of the Church and the world, that priests follow the Council's recommendation to celebrate the Eucharist daily: “for even if the faithful are unable to be present, it is an act of Christ and the Church”. In this way priests will be able to counteract the daily tensions which lead to a lack of focus and they will find in the Eucharistic Sacrifice – the true centre of their lives and ministry – the spiritual strength needed to deal with their different pastoral responsibilities. Their daily activity will thus become truly Eucharistic.” .” (Ecclesia De Eucharistia, no. 31;

Our Lady to Don Stefano Gobbi, August 8, 1986:
"Beloved sons, how my Heart is filled with joy in seeing you here, on a priestly pilgrimage of adoration, of love, of reparation and of thanksgiving to Jesus, my Son and my God, present in the Eucharist, to console Him for the great emptiness, the great ingratitude and the great indifference, with which He is surrounded in his real and loving presence in all the tabernacles of the earth, on the part of so many of my children, and especially on the part of so many of my beloved sons, the priests.
Instead, today, Jesus in the tabernacle is surrounded by much emptiness, much neglect and much ingratitude. These times were foretold by me at Fatima, through the voice of the Angel who appeared to the children to whom he taught this prayer: `Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference with which He Himself is surrounded...'
This prayer was taught for these times of yours.
Jesus is surrounded today by an emptiness, which has been brought about especially by you priests who, in your apostolic activity, often go about uselessly and very much on the PERIPHERY, going after things which are less important and more secondary and forgetting that the center of your priestly day should be here, before the tabernacle, where Jesus is present and is kept especially for you.
He is also surrounded by the indifference of many of my children, who live as if He were not there and, when they enter church for liturgical functions, are not aware of his divine and real presence in your midst. Often Jesus in the Eucharist is placed in some isolated corner whereas He should be placed in the center of the church, and He should be placed at the center of your ecclesial gatherings, because the church is his temple which has been built first for Him and then for you.
What causes deep bitterness to my motherly Heart is the way in which Jesus, present in the tabernacle, is treated in many churches, where He is placed in a little corner, as though He were some object or other to be made use of, for your ecclesial gatherings.
But above all, it is the SACRILEGES which today form, around my Immaculate Heart, a painful crown of thorns. In these times, how many communions are made, and how many sacrileges perpetrated! It can be said that there is no longer any Eucharistic celebration where sacrilegious communions are not made. If you only saw with my eyes how great this wound is which has contaminated the whole Church and paralyzes it, halts it, and makes it impure and so very sick! If you only saw with my eyes, you too would shed copious tears with me.
And so, my beloved ones and children consecrated to my Heart, it is you who must be today a clarion call for the full return of the whole Church Militant to Jesus present in the Eucharist. Because there alone is to be found the spring of living water which will purify its aridity and renew the desert to which it has been reduced; there alone is to be found the secret of life which will open up for it a second Pentecost of grace and of light; there alone is to be found the fount of its renewed holiness: Jesus in the Eucharist!
It is not your pastoral plans and your discussions; it is not the human means on which you put reliance and so much assurance, but it is only Jesus in the Eucharist which will give to the whole Church the strength of a complete renewal, which will lead it to be poor, evangelical, chaste, stripped of all those supports on which it relies, holy, beautiful and without spot or wrinkle, in imitation of your heavenly Mother.
I desire that this message of mine be made public and be numbered among those contained in my book. I desire that it be spread throughout the whole world because I am calling you today from every part of the earth to be a crown of love, of adoration, of thanksgiving and of reparation, upon the Immaculate Heart of her who is true Mother -joyful Mother but also most sorrowful Mother - of the Most Holy Eucharist.”